Simulacron I

Why Corporations are Kingdoms

So!  You are going “What the heck?  Corporations are Kingdoms?  What’s he talking about?”  Ok.  This is probably not a new idea but I thought I’d throw it out there and see what happens.  Many people I have said this too say “No they aren’t!” and other, unprintable things.  So this is going to explore why I say that corporations are nothing more than kingdoms with just different words being put in for the various people who made up kingdoms.

First, let’s look at how corporations came about:  During the 1800’s in the United States oil was discovered and soon we had oil tycoons.  If memory serves me right one of these was Mr. Sinclair of the Sinclair gas stations and oil company.  He had a problem to solve.  How can he keep control of all of his various locations without being at the various locations in person?  The answer was to create separate organizations which were made to stand by themselves but who ultimately reported back to the central office.  A pyramid scheme if you will but without the scam part included (ie: You lose all of your money).  These pyramidal organizations were termed “Corporations”.  They were modelled after kingdoms from the medieval period.  (I hear you out there going “No way!”.  :-) )

So why were they called “Corporations”?  Simple.  The United States government is adamantly against kingdoms.  In fact, it is written into some of our most fundamental laws that the government shall not allow to stand any monopolies, kingdoms, or monarchies on our native soil.  Look it up.  You can find this easily just by going to Google and looking up the information about the United States and kingdoms.

So, first off you now know the history (sort of) of how corporations got their start, but even if you didn’t know anything about the history let’s look at the two side-by-side and see if there is any merit to what I am saying just by comparing the two entities.  Now before we start, remember that modern day terms for a given activity are just that - a new word which, if you simply looked it up in a dictionary, would give you the same meaning as the archaic term from the medival period.  So think before you go “No way!” or “That’s not what it means,” because it is what it means.